Preparing Your Property For Lease

When a house, apartment or condominium is turned over to a tenant, it’s assumed that all systems are in working order, i.e., plumbing, electrical, heat, drainage, roof, etc. The law requires that all systems function properly and states that they are the owner’s responsibility, unless the tenant creates the problem. We should be informed of any problems and they should be resolved prior to occupancy. 


❱ ❱ Interior—Professionally cleaned 

❱ ❱ Carpets—Professionally cleaned 

❱ ❱ Windows—Professionally cleaned 

❱ ❱ Drapes, Blinds—Professionally cleaned 

❱ ❱ Fumigation—Professionally done if domestic animals have lived on the premises 

❱ ❱ Dead-bolts—Installed on all outside doors 

❱ ❱ Locks—Re-keyed in accordance with state and city codes 

❱ ❱ Yard—Mowed, raked, trimmed, all garbage and refuse removed 

❱ ❱ Garage—Cleaned and organized 

❱ ❱ Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors—Installed, tested and in working order per international fire code. 


❱ ❱ Washer/dryer 

❱ ❱ Range/burners, fan, above-range light 

❱ ❱ Oven/elements, oven light 

❱ ❱ Microwave oven 

❱ ❱ Refrigerator/freezer 

❱ ❱ Furnace/filters changed, baseboard heaters cleaned 

❱ ❱ All interior and exterior electrical fixtures and outlets 

❱ ❱ Plumbing and drainage systems 

❱ ❱ Lightbulbs 


We ask that you not give a key to a prospective tenant, as they should only have access to the premises after signing all lease documents. 

If your property is a condominium, please supply us with copies of any bylaws, rules and regulations, covenants and/or restrictions.